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StevenSons HVAC is a family-run operation that has been operating in the DFW area for twenty years and still going strong. Throughout our lifespan, we have held ourselves and our technicians ensuring the highest quality of work that we can provide. This lead to the creation of our motto "Quality is our standard, not our goal." Letting our customers, as well as our employees, be reminded of the quality of work we are expected to provide.

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This is our owner Steve Crouse who built this company from the ground up, back from the days of him being the only employee running any amount of calls to satisfy his rapidly expanding customer base. He had been a part of family businesses from running Donut shops with his Grandfather to managing a convenience store for his family when he was just a boy, Mr. Crouse decided he wanted to start something that he could pass down to his kids. With the help of his wife, they came up with a name Steve-n-sons eventually being shortened to Stevensons. Mr. Crouse has over 35+ years in the HVAC field and believes in doing the job right, for a fair price. After his many years not too much surprises him anymore but he is constantly learning and still trying to get better. He is an inspiration to everyone here and an outstanding member of the community. He is the reason our customers are treated like family, and why our opinion is trusted and often comes highly recommended as a second opinion. Because no matter what the problem is he will give you all of the available options and lets you decide what You the consumer wants, no high-pressure sales and no pushy flashy sales tactics just honest opinions from the professionals.

Carla is our Co-Owner/ Office Manager Who's put numerous years of hard work dedication and love into this company. She ensures that everything behind the scenes runs smoothly and efficiently, but most importantly on-time. She does so much to help all of our customers and her technicians alike while somehow still making it look easy. Carla also has many other hobbies outside of work she likes to pursue like, running her scrapbook retreat for her ladies. Not to mention she is one of the biggest bookworms, you will ever meet if she's not nosing deep into managing the office, putting together her perfect scrapbook page, you will most likely find her head stuck in a book, reading until her heart's content.

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This is Tina, She runs our day to day dispatching and employee management positions, she is the one who makes our operation run smoothly from one day to the next. She is also most of the time, the person you get when you call in. She pulls parts orders all of your equipment in and makes sure your warranty claims go through without a hitch, and has been a great addition to the StevenSons family since day one. Tina also has many hobbies outside of work, she has a side business making customizable welcome mats, she also loves her crazy boxer puppy dog, which has puppy anxiety and has become the unofficial mascot of StevenSons!

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George is a lead service Tech for us here at StevenSons, He worked with us for nearly a decade previously and decided to go a different route for a while. Now he is back and better than ever, he is not only a mentor to many of us over here, but he also is one of the hardest workers on our team. Not only that but he is a great friend and usually leaves his customers happy and smiling more than he does. George can usually tell what's wrong with a system just by listening to it and rarely runs into something he's never seen before in his nearly 40 years in and around the industry. When he's not climbing in attics you can usually find him at a Sonic getting a sweet tea, or at home with his lovely wife and puppies.

This is David he is our newest service technician, He has been a family friend to the Crouse's for nearly two decades. This is not to knock his merit as a technician, David has been a Jr Technician for three years and now is a more than capable full-time service tech. Who has been moving on up since he was seventeen years old, He is sharp, consistent, and knowledgeable. Not too many people work as hard as David does, and he'll make sure to fix and find any problems with your system because trust us it will bother him more than it does you. David Is our tight spaces guy as well he fits places where most people don't including StevenSons, for us to bring you the highest quality work we need more people like David

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This is Tanner He is Steve and Carla's youngest son and the only one who works at the company. Tanner Is working on becoming a full Technician and has been learning a lot over the past year of working with us. He picks up parts and takes them to technicians, website design, answers phones when necessary, makes sure the shop is clean, hiring, and shares the stocking duties with Tina. When Tanner isn't in the field he is at the shop working on some form of project or idea to help drive the company forward into the next generation.

Daniel is our newest employee and has made an immediate impact on our company, from his dedication and hard work to his craft he can be seen most of the time nose deep in an HVAC system and usually won't let up until he's found the problem. He has a keen eye for what goes wrong in an HVAC system and is able to spot problems effectively Daniel is more than willing to help with anything that needs to be done and does mostly everything he commits to with a smile on his face. Daniel was also served our nayion with his military service and has really found his passion in helping others stay comfortableNot too many people can do what he does on a consistent basis, and that's why we're so lucky to have him. 

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     I recently read an article entitled “The World Economy is Suddenly running low on EVERYTHING”. I closely related to all the business challenges mentioned in the article so and thought it would be helpful to share with you some of the challenges and impact we are experiencing.


     I think it is obvious that Covid 19 and the Texas freeze disrupted the supply chain and pricing like never before in the history of our industry? I have stated that the government cannot shut down the businesses and organizations for more than a year and expect things to return to pre-Covid conditions in the near term. We are living through unprecedented events that have caused extreme turmoil in our industry. Demand for construction material is at an all time high while the supply chain is in complete disruption due to labor and material shortages. The labor pool for factory jobs dried up almost completely and manufacturers are still having difficulty filling job openings.


     I continually get asked when things will get back to normal. My honest gut feeling is that we will see relief in Q1 of 2022 or when demand slows. Here is a brief list of some of the disruptions we have seen on lead times and pricing.

      • Container ships are taking an additional 90-120 days to arrive in the states and many products that we import               for production are not manufactured in the United States.

      • Metal product is up 60% since January and lead times increased from 5 days to 4-5 weeks.

      • Copper tube is up 100+% since January and lead times are 4-6 weeks from two weeks.

      • R410 has increased 200% and manufacturers are not taking new orders.

      • Flexible duct has increased 25% and lead times are up from 5 days to 90 days.

      • Thermostats are up 10% and lead times are about 4-6 weeks from two weeks.

      • Duct Sealant went from 5 days to 6 weeks and prices are up 10+%

      • Duct Wrap is on allocation and lead time has increased an additional 4 weeks plus the price has gone up by                 20%       

      • Equipment lead times are 4-8 weeks and price has increased by more than 10%

      • Grilles up by 15%

      • Cable ties are up 30% and lead times are 8 weeks. Insulation tubing increase by 30% and lead time increased an           additional two weeks.

     We buy from over 300 different suppliers, and we have received increases from almost all suppliers – many of them have issued multiple increases this year. We have been asked to source from other suppliers, but other suppliers are not taking additional orders.

     Despite all the challenges, we are committed to maintaining our standard of service to our customers. We will continue to do everything we can to keep you supplied to the best of our ability and ask for your patience and understanding. Until conditions settle down, we will give our existing customers priority over any new business. In addition, we are purchasing 30% more than we typically purchase this time of year to make sure we have some inventory cushion (if that is even possible). Your business and partnership are greatly appreciated, and we wish we were not in this condition.

Best Regards,

Todd Day

President Standard Supply

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