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Frequently asked questions

Q: how often should I change my filter?

A: it depends on the thickness and quality of your filter as well as many factors in your home the general rule of thumb is 1" thick is 1 month and 4" thick can last up to 6 months.

Q: If I Replace my outside unit do I have to replace my inside unit?

A: not necessarily in certain applications, yes, but for the most part replacing one of the units is just putting a bandaid on your old unit putting money back into old systems to postpone replacement. when you could get a new system with new warranties and higher efficiency.

Q: Why should I replace my R-22 unit with a 410-a unit?

A: The answer is because the US government is now forbidding the manufacturing of R-22 units, and the refrigerant as a whole, because of this R-22 is more expensive than ever and will be obsolete in just a few short years.

Q:how can I improve the life and efficiency of my A/c unit(s)?

A: Changing your filters regularly as well as making sure your outside condenser coils are clean by spraying them with a medium powered spray nozzle once a month. and on top of that call us out to check on your unit(s) twice a year!

Q: What temperature do I need to set my units in the summer? 

A: so the easiest answer is 72-78 is what we usually like to keep them at because units can struggle to try to keep up with more than that. Especially on hotter days causing longer runtimes and overworking your system leading to a frozen coil or any other multitude of problems.

Q: How often should I maintain and service my AC unit?

A: We typically schedule our Preventative maintenance's in the Fall and Spring to get ready for winter and summer.

Q: What do I do when my unit is frozen up? and why cant the technician service it like that?

A: So essentially our gauges read the pressure and temperatures of the Refrigerant in the Unit and if the coils are wet or frozen, it lowers the temperature and pressure of the unit so much that it is nearly impossible to get an accurate reading. So turn your unit off change your filter, set the fan to on, then call your friendly technicians at Stevensons!

Q: Why is the technician spraying my outside unit down with water?

A: He is cleaning your condenser coils (the lungs of your unit), and allowing it to get some good airflow over those coils to be able to properly filter the heat brought from the inside of the house and expelling it via the copper line set and condenser fan motor, to the outside unit.

Q: How Do I know where to find my filter, and how do I know its dirty?

A: So most residential filters are changed at the indoor unit itself, typically on the bottom or side of the furnace, and will have a little door for you to take off and slide your filter out. Secondly, take your filter and hold it up to the light if you can see light all the way through it you're fine if not it's dirty and needs to be replaced.

Q: How can I get cleaner air in my house?

A: Well there are a few things you can do to solve this issue, it can be anywhere from installing an electronic air filter to a whole duct system replacement to get you proper airflow and return air pressure.

Q: How do I know if my equipment is under warranty?

A: If your unit is less than 10 years old, and was registered to the state, then all units come with a 10-year replacement part warranty.

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