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Our Services

Here at StevenSons, we work on all makes and models of light-duty commercial and all forms of residential equipment giving us a wide array of different ways we can help keep your comfort level high. We would love to get you to sign up for our preventative maintenance services just so we can check your units in spring and fall, making sure your systems are running and operating properly. Before going into our two biggest mechanically straining seasons that we have in Texas. We also offer a range of services to help satisfy all of our customer's needs. From maintenance to repairs, swap-outs, or new installs we do it all.  our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be more than happy to answer all of the questions or concerns you might have so don't hesitate to ask us! unlike other companies, our employees do not work a commission job, so they are there to serve you, in any way we can. So in other words no hard selling or false condemnation of parts, you know if we condemn it, there is nothing left to be done. but get it replaced for you.

Air Duct

Peace of mind Pricing options

We typically have higher listed prices than some of our competitors who make most of their business by hard-selling units to get that extra quick buck or extra commission at your expense, but when you choose us there is no hidden fees or Upselling done by our employees, which is a major problem in our industry. We would rather be upfront with our pricing so you aren't shocked and upset with us at the end of our service but know that we could take care of you at our agreed cost with the same excellent care that we take in all of our jobs.

  • Service Call - $129 (covers 1st 15 minutes of service)  

  • Service Call (After Hours)- 193.50

  • Service Call (Holiday) - $258 

  • Labor (Per Hour)-$115

  • Labor (after hours)-$172.5

  • Labor (Holidays)-$230

​Refrigerant: Per Lb

  • R-410A - $55

  • R-22 - $95 

  • R-407-c - $50

  • R-404-A - $50 

  • Nitrogen - $30(one time)

Commonly Used Parts (most vary in size and price)​

  • Belts: $18-$32

  • Capacitors:$6-$156

  • Contactors:$90-$235

  • Disconnect Switch:$60-$185

  • Standard Filters :$5-$45

  • Transformers:$90

  • Fuses:$5-$90

Prices are subject to change at anytime. That being said we try to stay consistent on pricing but with the pandemic the whole industry is at the mercy of supply and demand.

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